SagePvP Reboot

We've revamped all keys and loot boxes for our new update.
Anything with [🎁] next to it, is purchasable with gift cards.

We 💘 Crypto 🪙
We've released our brand new crypto website! Visit if you want to purchase items using crypto. We support the following:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Binance and Litecoin



  • Ensure that you're using the EXACT USERNAME (cAse-SeNsitive) with correct capitalization. purchases may take 5-15 minutes to arrive after you have paid for them. 
    *If you haven't received the items that you've purchased, please join our discord or teamspeak server (*

  • By purchasing an item from the SagePvP store you agree with our TOS, and therefore any purchases are final, and cannot/won't be refunded.
    *If you run into any problems please join our discord, or simply join our teamspeak server (*

SagePvP is not affiliated with Mojang AB.